Issue with Logitech Attack 3 joystick

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When I am flying for a couple of minutes I cannot turn right. The problem seems to be confined to only the X version of the flight sim. I went to the Flight Sim calibration section and when I moved the joystick buttons were being pressed. When I moved the joystick left #6 was pressed and when I moved it to the right #7 was pressed, I was making sure I wasn't pressing them. It happens every time I play the Flight Simulator X. I checked out the driver date for logitech and the last one was issued August 2005.

Any recomendations besides buying a new controler????

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you can go to settings>control to change the assignment.

I use the attack 3. It is not the best joystick, but it works marginally ok.

if you want better control, you have to get a stick with twist.
if you are serious about flightsim, a foot peddle is a must, especially with helicopters.

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