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Is there a way to drive fuel truck etc

lemonwonder Guest

Is there a way to make EVERYTHING or MORE things that are under simobects usable by the player?

lemonwonder Guest

bumpity bumpity bump bump bump!

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I do have to ask you now, what do you actually want to do -- fly the Boats or GroundVehicles?

If you want to use Cars or Boats for the purpose they were actually designed for, there's plenty to choose from in the file libraries.
As far as converting AI simobjects into 'usable' ones, I haven't tried that yet.

Assuming that only Boats, GroundVehicles and Rotorcraft could include a panel of sorts and considering that AI simobjects don't have panels, you'd have to import a panel and hope that the gauges will work.

IMHO far too much hassle just to be able to make Elephants fly and land them without crashing at TNCM 😀

lemonwonder Guest

I wana be able to drive a fuel truck or sumin... but flying it wood be cool... as u say too much hassel tho

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Convert yourself to AI 🙄

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