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Building a Boeing 747 simulator - help?

Nippoo Guest

I'm planning on building a Boeing 747 simulator running on FS2004. I've found these plans for the overhead panel.

but I can't find anything similar for the other panels.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Are these of any use to you. Click on the link on top, the PDF.



well i found this page to be usefull

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Sounds like a plan !

Do post back and show us how you're 74 cockpit develops !



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John Hodges (originalgrunge) Captain

Will you be using go-flight material or all custom built stuff? And for software, will it be with Project Magenta, or PMDG? (By the way, if you go with project magenta, which you should if you're investing enough to build a home cockpit, you should definitly look at adding this module! )

I only hope someday I can afford my own setup like that (or rather a house to build it in.)

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