right engine not working

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I lose the right engine upon landing the 737-all models I have.
I also sometimes start the engines and the right engine will start, but will not throttle up properly when using the joystick. It will work if I use the throttle on the console.
Any help?
Thank you

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I have had a similar problem with one engine starting but not throttling up under power, not just with the 737 either. Only way I have found to fix the problem is to restart FS2004 😞

Sorry couldnt be more help but this seems to be a fluctuating problem

Cheers and safe flying

flightsimbaby Guest


Thanks for your input. Now I don't feel so bad.
I will do as you suggest and live with it. It is worth the restart

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wombat457 First Officer

No problem flightsimbaby. I'm not saying that there isnt a fix for the problem, just that I havent come across one as yet. I am sure if there is a fix to the problem then there are people in here that will know it, or know where ot find it. Hopefully they read your thread and are able to come up with the answer.

Hope you find a solution though, if you do let me know - it does get frustrating but as you said, is worth the while having to restart the sim 🙂

Cheers and safe flying

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