Juliana (TNCM) scenery for FSX???

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Is it possible to successfully use the Juliana2.zip scenery for TNCM in FSX???

I know it was made for FS2004. I've tried it in FSX and I cannot avoid the building crash issue that comes up in FS2004. I noted that in '04 the crashes were caused with otther add-ons for TNCM conflictling, and that the matter could be fixed.

I have no other scenery addons, and I get the problem. I did have an add-on for TJSJ, but removing it did not fix the issue with TNCM.

As a rule, is scenery made for FS2004 generally incompatible with FSX?


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Most if not all of it won't work properly or at all.
There isn't much out yet, many are being designed as we speak.

No Juliana isn't out, you can email the designer, tell him how much you liked it and is he planning on redoing it for FSX.


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