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How accurate is the flight time estimator in FS2004?

In FS2002 if I select a 1000nm flight in Concorde it gives a flight duration of about 1 hour which must mean I fly at cruise speed (M2.04) from the departing runway to the destination runway. There seems to be no time allocated for other flight phases such as climb and descent.

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futurepilot Guest

I learned this on the FSPassengers website: The estimated time to complete the route is based on if you`re always going the speed they put on the Nav Log and also does not include taxiing. So really, you would have to start in the direction of the flight path and correct speed, and going right into the airport and where you stop is the end of the flight. So really, the estimated time to complete is accurate if you do that. If you did a flight correctly, it would really take almost an hour longer total than the estimated time. Good thing you can save the flight! Hope this helps.

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The normal way of logging flight times is brakes off, to brakes on, this is considered to be the total flight time! 🙂

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Have a look what ARD-DC has to say in this post Jamie, it could be of interest to you:


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