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Do you really need more traffic in FS06

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OK, I've been reading about the changes to FS2006 post of radarman's, and while some ideas were horrible (being able to shoot down other planes) Nearly all seemed cool.

Here's a thought though, and it dawned on me after I had posted as such anyway.

My system Specs.


Pentium 4 2.8GHz Processor


ATI RADEON X800XT Platunum Edition 256GDDR3 Graphics Card

80GB Hard drive.

Now, most of you woudl think, "WHOA, super computer, I bet he has Ultimate Traffic up at 100%, with everything set at highest and gets awesoem frames. Yes, I do get awesome frames, but heres why

I have traffic density set at 22% of max, and I get frames of around 18-19 at O'Haire. Most every slider is all the way up, so it looks awesome, but, think of this, I get these frames with a very powerful CPU. I remember what it was like to have to turn everything down in order to run the sim, cause i had a crap PC for a while.

If I set traffic to 100%, I get frames of 5-9 at O'Haire.

Now I ask we really need more traffic?

Will we really notice it? Most of the time, the aircraft are just sitting there anyway. It's nice to see a few, but the functionality pretty much ends there. It doesnt add a sense of immersion into the simulator. Half the time, or more like 99% of the time, I get one or 2 planes that I see flying. So it's not a big deal to me. We can deal with a LITTLE bit more traffic, but If we have things like virtual cabin with people, it'll make for a huge program, and it'll destroy most computers that are not top of the line. So, those with older PC's taht struggle with FS as it is now...What do you really thing???

"More Useful Everyday" 😛

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I have heard of the issues you are talking about here. I think I remember from a previous post that you are using Ultimate Traffic? I hear UT is good. For whatever reason I initially chose to install 'My Traffic 2004'. MT is easy on the frame rate and at night sitting at the gate in Honolulu and elsewhere I get a full traffic pattern. Looking out to the end of runway you see a diamond necklace of traffic lining up on approach, final and landing. Occasionally there is a go around or two. Very realistic. I recommend 'My Traffic' highly. If there is a way to do it I will send it to you to download so you wouldn't have to pay for it.

I agree with you that any newer version of FS might not incorporate additional traffic as we here in the community independently configure it all. -Thanks for the post. Very interesting info bro.

Check out:

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Hey, do you have either yahoo or MSN messengers? if so, we can talk, and see what can be done... 😎



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Yup, I am on MSN but not Yahoo! MSN=email IM Screen name= Georgebrinton1

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