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Is it possible to use the FMS/cdu in flight simulator x??

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Helge Meyer (Meyer189) Trainee

Hey, i wonder if it is possible to use the FMS/CDU-Flight Manager System, in Flight simulator x? is it anyway to turn it ON? the screan is all black and i wonder if i can use it at all in the simulator?? if you dont know what i mean here is a picture..

Plis, need a little help here! FMS is so important that there must be some way i can use it....?! 😞 if anyone have the answers plis send a reply or send me a e-mail to ➡

Best regard, Helge meyer 😀 😉

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Since it's hardware it should but before buying it I would get them to commit yes or no in an email.


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Helge Meyer (Meyer189) Trainee

no, you dont understand.... i am not going to buy that thing!..hehe

you know, when you fly the boeing 737-800 in FSX the FMS is there, on the left and right side of the trottle... but can you use it? its always black... can u turn it on?.... can u use it in the virtual cockpit???

Best regards. Helge Meyer 😀

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anonymouse91 First Officer

I'm not too sure about the 737's FMC but I do know that Abacus ( have working FMC's in their payware A380's and 787's. The FMC's on them work fine for me.

I think that the default aircraft don't have working FMC's.

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