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Hi Im a complete newbie having a problem with the GPS.

Crying or Very sad

When I am in free flight mode and I select an airport to land at I cant activate the the landing vector thing (the little purple line that shows you which way you should be approaching the runway).

If, before a flight I plan my route from point A to point B it works fine its just when I select an airport randomly I have no idea where the runway in question is or how to approach it.

Any idea what I am doing wrong???

Sorry for the idiotic question but its been driving me crazy!!


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Select the airport you want to land on on the GPS itself. You press the upper right arrow and punch in the airport code. After you've done that press the right arrow again but not the upper one, the one underneath. YOu should see the diagram of the airport you've selected. Press the round button so you can move about the page an then scroll down (with the upper right arrow) to the runways part. Press select (the round button) and you will be given a choice of approaches you can take. Choose one and select activate. You need to have your AP on and GPS selected. It should guide the aircraft to the aitport and make an approach.

I hope you gat the general idea. I might have overlooked a step or two but you'll find your self around . GPS device is not that complicated to use anyway. HOpe it helps a bit. 😉

bartez Guest

Many thanks guys, I am going to print off your instructions VegasFlyer and give it a shot!! 😀

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