dhc-6_requin.zip GPS/NAV Switch??? PLEASE READ!

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I appreciate the help on the GPS reciever recieved earlier. But Im looking for my GPS/NAV switch to switch between NAV navigation and GPS navigation on this plane (in game). So I can use GPS to autopilot my approaches. ANYONE??

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maybe that panel doesnt have a nav/gps button. It should, i havent seen it, but what you CAN do is swap that panel for the Beech King Air Panel. It'll work about the same. Just copy the panel file from the king air folder and paste it into the folder of your aircraft. Presto, a panel with a nav/gps button. Hey, seeing is how you make GPS approaches, maybe you can teach me how? I dont know what to do. I can do ILS though, but if you get some time, explain how the GPS approach works. Thanks!

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All the airplanes have them, but they’re in different places. For example in the Cessna 172 ( the 2-D cockpit mode ) it’s on the upper right area of the panel, next to the DME, but in a Bombardier Learjet, it’s on the upper right section of the panel, to the right of the Master Caution Light. Sometimes you just have to take some time and look for it, and other times the 3-D cockpit mode has the switch in a different place than in the 2-D cockpit mode. What plane are you using?

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