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I have often used VatSim for flying online in the UK, but as I fly turbo props usually from smaller airports, there is sometimes not much ATC around. I was wondering if there were any other networks for flying online in the UK? I have heard of IVAO, but didn't know if there were any others? If I can't get more ATC (I am training to become one myself), you may be hearing another English accent in the UK...

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I'm afraid there's not a lot of ATC coverage in the UK on IVAO either, the positions most often staffed are EGTT / EGTL (London Control), EGLL_APP and EGLL_TWR.

If you'd take flights from Holland over the channel to Heathrow, you'll probably fly under ATC control as EHAA_W_CTR (Amsterdam Radar) is online much more frequently.

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