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Hey all,

I have a problem with flying online. I'd downloaded Vatsim and Squawkbox and I all ready have Flight Simulator 2004. Problem I have is that when I select a flight, and was at the gate wanted to take off. The ATC wasn't responding back to me when I request to taxi out to the runway and take off.

On top of that, it said that there was about 400 members online and when I went to my origin airport, no planes was there. Can anyone help me on these problems.

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While you're waiting, I'm assuming you want to get stuck into it, you might want to look at this page. Maybe some of your questions will be answered.

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If you weren't communicating to the tower, I'll assume that you weren't tuned to the proper frequency. If you were, then patience is the key. Sometimes the ATC are busy or have real-world conflicts, so they can't always respond to your messages immedietely.

If you were transmitting on voice, be sure you are pressing the right "push to talk key," and that your mic is calibrated. If there's still no response, then try text.

Or, the last possibility is that no one was running the tower by you, so in which case you would simply communicate your intentions on UNICOM (122.80).

That is the link for ServInfo. It will help you see that even though there are hundreds of pilots on-line, they are dispersed around the world, as are the ATC that are currently on.

Best of luck, and hope to meet you in the skies.

Don't forget, read the PRC (tailhook's link 😉 )

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