Jetways not working

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I have searched the forums but can't find my specific problem. After parking at a gate with a jetway, setting parking brake, hitting CTRL +J nothing happens. I have shut down engines and tried again, but the jetway won't move. Am I missing something? Any help would be greatly appreciated. 😞

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You might be on the wrong side or at a place without one.

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make sure you on the yeller line

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Make sure also that you have advanved animations enabled.

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Where do I find "advanced animations"? I looked in the Settings and maybe looked right past them?

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In Settings you have to click on Customize. Under Global options in the Graphics Tab you'll find Advanced animations.

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Thanks guys!
That was it! I didn't have the animations enabled. 😀

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They do exist

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My jetways won't move ether and I have Advanced Animations on. PLEASE HELP!!!


To have the jetways work make sure you have the "Scenery Complexity" Tab at Very Dense or Extremely Dense

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You may find this tutorial from our knowledge section helpful:

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