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Hi, I need a bit of help operating the autopilot on the A321 on FSX. I'm from the FS2002 era and to have the aircraft fly the planned route, all I needed to do was push Nav and put on GPS mode. On the A321 there are so many dials I don't know what one will fly the planned route(from real pictures I think its something like Nav1, but I can't find that). 😕
Can somebody help me out? Thanks in advance.

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Let's see,

I think the GPS/NAV switch is around where your left knee would be. Then it's it back to the main panel where the autopilot stiuff is, and

FD on,
AP on,

Then to control speed, you have to turn on autothrottle (ATHR) button, THEN set the speed, THEN press directly ON the knob you set the speed with (it'll change color slightly).


Thanks, I'll see if it works.

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