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why cant i change my aircraft cfg file I am try to add lines in file to add a plane I get A cant do path 😞

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To edit the aircraft.cfg file you right-click on it and open it with Notepad.

BUT!!! Before you do anything, back up the original!!!

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I got it, you have to change defult security setings for files in vista.
If this window pops up when you close and try to save look at your user acount right click properties/security/your user name file/edit/ and open user files again/ and change it so you can /write the files / full control/ modify. nice little pain vista.

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My experience with Vista is: It boots up and acts nice, until you try to run a program that has been installed after the fact. Then the headaches begin. I have not yet seen a Vista system that FSX will perform on as well as XP-Pro with similar assets.

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