Wings of Power II WWII Fighters SE

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I just picked this up. It's a Addon for FSX. Anyone use this before? Was it worth it?

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bawls327 Captain

I heard it was. A friend let me have it for free because he got it to. I love it but I only used p51 so far. THe download didnt work for me so I hope to try again. P51 is good though.

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Michaelvg1 First Officer

Thanks. Looking forward to checking it out...
I am going to try Pacific Fighters as well. That looks great. If I keep getting these simulations, I won't go back out and fly my RC Gas planes...

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ThunderRide Trainee

I bought the Wings of Power Aircraft Powerpack for the vintage heavy bombers, and now thats all I fly...

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rowcoach First Officer

I bought it a couple months back. Take some time to read the PDF files that come with it. The heavy bombers, to get the real experience, have to be flown mach as they would in real life. You just can't park it on the active runway at press F4 to take off. I'm quite happy with it though.

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