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Aircraft I'm looking for, in GMAX only.

Beech 33- "V" tail (only, not Debonair package-b33).



Flying Wing

P38 Lightning

These are for fs9 not Combat Sim.

Thanks for any links.

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i'm looking for a Cessna 180

GhostlyMagician Guest

Hey if someone has or found this plane( avro Canada CF-105 Arrow)
can you give me a link to
I found one but I don't want to pay $10 us dollars, Its pain in the as when you find the plane you want but theres a catch. So if you find the
"Avro Canada CF-105 Arrow" for FS2004, e-mail me since I like that plane and might be able to help you.

The only way to live a good life is to act on your emotions

Thanks if you do help me out.

Ghostly Magician Guest

I'm still having problems finding this plane "Avro Canada CF-105 Arrow" for FS2004 so if you know were it is PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give me a link to the site and please make it free because I dont want to pay for data which can be easily lost. PLEASE its one of Canada's best aircrafts. If you dont help me find this plane No more God Bless america Evil or Very Mad I'm slowly losing faith in North America, Sorry about that but theres things happening when I dont want it to happen. Like America attacking other countrys for oil. And sorry for bringing the topic up. 😳

Axle209 Guest

I'm new to FS 2004. I'm looking for a T-37?


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Axle209 wrote:

I'm new to FS 2004. I'm looking for a T-37?


This is the closest free one.

FS2002 Raytheon's T-6A Texan II trainer replaces the old T-41Ds Mescalero as the HAF Academy trainer


$30 for this one but it looks great.

Thanks Commodore!!!!!!

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CommodoreSirJohn wrote:

The closest to a flying wing out there is the B-2, which you can also find at Personally, I'm looking for earlier Northop attempts, as well, such as the XB-35 and YB-49.

This is the best that I can do.

FS2002/FS2004 Boeing X-45A UCAV

Have you tried here, great stuff but at times a long wait unless your a paid member.

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CommodoreSirJohn wrote:

I make it a point to visit at least once a day. I grabbed the UCAV the day it was released.

Now if I could just find a Velocity for FS9... I've looked around, but all I can find are for FS5.


4th from bottom.

FS2002 Velocity XL RG version 2
The Velocity is a Canard configuration Hombuilt aircraft. Constructed of fiberglass, foam and carbon fiber the Velocity is light and very areodynamic. Made with Abacus Flight Sim Design Studio Pro. It has full moving parts and 3d gear wells with visible pilot figure. Updated prop and custom panel, By Brian Gladden

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