Guages for FS2004 Grumman F-14B Tomcat

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I'm having a real tough time getting the guages to work. Copied from the guages folder into the fs9 guages folder, to no avail. Any help?

Also, I'm losing sound on some of my jets on the "spot view." I reinstalled fs9, but that didn't work. Any thoughts?

Thank you!

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Can you take a screenshot and show us what was inside the Gauges folder before you copied over?

Most gauges have the .gau extension. Were there any others in there? Is there a radar gauge?

I only have two -14Ds atm no doubt different authors so I can't look inside. How many Readme text files are there -- did you read them all?

You say you're losing sound on SOME of your jets...

Make a list and let us know, it helps with trouble shooting Idea

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Sorry, too late for that. Another problem, that might help be insightful. I downloaded the HH65 Dolphin Coast Guard Helicopter. Everything am in perfect, BUT the sound. Simply won't play. All sound plays on all other aircraft and my WMPd 10 will play the sounds in the sounds file for the helicopter individually. Any help? Thank you!

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