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Missing graphics


I have bought a new pc mainly to run flight sim x (deluxe) and i have all 3 scenery packs.
I can set all settings to maximum with no load time or delays and the graphics are excellent.
I have noticed however that a local town (southend) has its main land mark missing, the pier,is this missing in everyone elses versions or has my version just not seen the file?

64 bit dual core intel x6800 extreme
4gb memory
2gb nvidia 7950 x2
p5n32-sli premium

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Nice system.
I don't know what scenery packs your referring to and I don't where the south end of whatever town that is, I can't help.


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vlad (tiger7881) Captain

try to re-instal the game, i had some problems with other cities, and it helped. I had problems in honk kong. 😂

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