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MAAM-SIM B-25 Mitchell 'Briefing Time' Opinions

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cheezyflier Captain

because of the crappy computer i have, i don't do payware aircraft because i don't expect to get the full benefit of what i would be buying.

but i couldn't help myself, and today i ordered this from MAAM:

her name is "briefing time"
having seen this plane many times at new garden airshow in pennsylvania, i couldn't resist it. i have a zillion pics of it in my photo album, i love the sound of those huge engines!!!! i am more exited about this than picking up my motorcycle next week!

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Although I'm not really a prop-guy myself, that does look like a beatiful plane..
Hope you'll get to enjoy it to it's limits... have fun! Wink

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Karlw Chief Captain

Holy smokes talk about attention to detail Shocked

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Tailhook Chief Captain

Way to go!

While you're waiting for the shipment of the MAAM you might wanna check this cute freeware package out Arrow

Second from the top, the Mitchell.

Let us have some screenies once you've got your new toy Very Happy

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cheezyflier Captain

i am downloading it right now. tomorrow i will install and take it for a test flight. this should help me pass the time between now and then. i expect to be away all next week as well, so that should help too Very Happy
i haven't seen my bike in 7 months, i'm not sure i even remember all the stuff in my garage! Laughing if all goes well, God willing, by the time i get back, i should be sittin pretty. new mitchell, my bike, and a long visit with freinds and family i havent seen in too long.

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cheezyflier Captain

wow! thanx for the hook up! this mitchel is really nice for a freeware! im impressed! now i'll have to see about getting it into fsx!

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