unknown error 02000007 please help please please please

shadowcheese1 Guest

ok i know there has already been posts about this but its realy annoying me. if u have any info about this please tell me because i love to fly on multiplayer and have a va that needs to be hosted. i have searched on microsofts websites for Unknown error 02000007 and havnt found anything. if u have had this problem and u have some how got around it tell me what u have done and il try it.

thank you for your help

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para96 Guest

i havent been able to get on now for 2 days, it has to be something to do with game spy but i cant find any way of contacting them there web site keeps crashing 2!!

shadowcheese1 Guest

im a gameaholic and cant live without games (not littrally) and i cant contact them . before i restyarted my wireless bt hub box and it worked but its gone again so its realy annoying me. lots of people have been havoing the same prob

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