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Recently I've been thinking of buying the Shockwave B-17 which they claim is built for FSX from the ground up.

Yesterday I saw at CompUSA the boxed set "Aircraft Powerpack" by Shockwave. In it is the B-17 along with the B-24 and B-29. as well as a bevy of foreign planes. Seems like a great deal for about $30.

My question is would the B-17 in the Powerpack be the same one that Shockwave sells for about $30 as a stand alone. I really want the FSX version that features all the new gimmicks.

The Powerpack is for FSX by the way.

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flyingcircus Guest


The powerpack does not contain the new FSX B-17 but the old FS9 version along with the other 2004 bombers from Shockwave. You would have to purchase the shockwave FSX B-17 separately. It is well worth it though - a much better 3D model and more cockpit controls. I have it and thoroughly recommend it.

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Thanks for this very useful information flyingcircus. I've tried to figure out what the story was, the Shockwave site isn't clear about this issue at all.
Let's hope freedspeak sees it 😀

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Not only have I seen it Tailhook, after viewing the Shockwave promo movie I decided to buy the FSX model of the beautiful Flying Fortress .... No regrets. I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

You gotta love those landing lights.

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Good for you Freedspeak. I finally watched the promo video clip and yes those lights are unequalled.

I fly the fs9 version and will get this new one once I've upgraded to a better rig. Thanks for the feedback!

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