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So my question is, how much staying power does the original PSS airbus pro package have? If I were to purchase it and add it to my regular rotation while flying for UVA, would I be disappointed after flying PMDG's products, Wilco's products, etc. etc? Or is this product really good enough to stay around even after all these years!

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Ahhhh Grunge, can't believe I almost missed this post.

Let me describe how much staying power A320 Pro FS2002 (patched for FS2004) has in my view :-

I was hunting for a good A319/A320 and bought several payware add-ons that were absolute rubbish in my view (I won't name them again but obviously they weren't PSS A320 Pro).

The freeware offerings were just typical freeware (and I'm sorry I have had some stick in the past for making comments that I just don't touch freeware - it isn't snobbery it's just that most of it is basic and based around basic FS9 functionality, whereas the complex payware add-ons give you NEW functions that don't exist in FS9 standard)..

Anyhoo.... back on track. So the fine gentleman that is PH gave me A320 Pro from PSS and I was aware that it was a FS2002 add-on as it also came with a FS9 patch.

I would now say that - considering all factors - the A319 model within this add-no is my No. 1 favourite plane is FS, and certainly the one I fly most (mainly around Canada).

The A320 model does not have the same flight dynamics and I would say is not as good but the A319 is absolutely sweet to fly in everyway. The panel is just 100% and for those that don't want the challenge of 737NG, this is a fast (complex) add0on to learn.

I am proud of how far I have come with this add-on, I usually fly to around 15,000 before I engage AP (following the proper assigned Departure)..... but better than that...... I disengage the AP at about 2000 feet in this plane and use the proper Localizer and GS instruments to stay on glideslope and gradually straighten up and land.... It's the first complex add-on that I would say that I have truly mastered in terms of the operation, and the hand flying.

You need to get used to some big difference in the hand flying (mainly the fact that this plane self-trims, so you pull the stick back until you are at, say, 13 degrees attitude then slowly release it and the plane stays at 13 degrees attitude. This is very close to the operation of the real plane whereby forward / backward movement of the fly-by-wire stick affects G-level, with very similar effect.

In short - FS2002 plane or not, even the 737NG comes a close second for me to the PSS A320 Pro (but specifically the A319 model within it).

I know you like similar flying to me, so I know you'll like this !

(and you get a VHS video of the A320 in action, with the add-on)

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John Hodges (originalgrunge) Captain

Thanks GPS kid! I know that we won't see you very much around the forum in the next few weeks (thank's to PSS's concorde) but your input is always valued!

Even though I've never really been interested in the concorde, being more of a regional / domestic flyer myself, you've certainly enticed me to take a serious look at this! However, the finances might not come so quickly as I'm trying to save/wait for PSS's 757 (in the works), and Level D's 767 model. Both have me salivating, especially the 767!

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Absolutemente !

I was checking out some screen prints of Level D 767 on yesterday ....... and the PSS 757 will be fantastic, as all PSS releases are.

Did you know PSS are also developing a 777 Pro at the same time ?

These 3 are all planes I've been desparately wanting to get "Pro" versions of so can't wait for them.

Concorde's flying comfortably now but I've been off work today (yeeha) and it's the PSS A319 and 737NG that have been out of the hangar.

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JetLag777 Trainee

Just get it as a full aircraft please


OMG the PSS Airbus A319 thur A321 are the worst planes I have ever seen!!! There is a ton of freeware aircraft out there that are way better modles and they fly better as well. Wish I could get a refund for these planes!

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