Main panel problems

Lukemax Guest

Hi all i have a problem that has just come up with my panel.

I have a laptop, + 3 monitors. Now the 3 montiers display the cockpit in virtual cockpit and the laptop i have as my main panel of the aircraft (Without the view) and where the glass is is GPS,Radio various systems ETC.... However my latest problem, is usally i can read all the GPS main panel headings ETC, but now i can only use 1 at a time (They used to all work even if things had been layoud on top of each other, but now only the selected panel i want to use will work.

Main panel is underneath, ATC on top, now if i select my main panel i can read all my speed.heading ETC but i can use or see the ATC now if i select the ATC i can still see the main panel but its a cold cokpit speed/heading ETC... all 000 like i am stationary on the ground, Why has this occured all of a sudden?


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