Piper Cub ground-looping

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I'm still fairly new to FS2004 and flight simulation generally, so I hope this isn't a really gormless question!

I do most of my flying in the JustFlight Tiger Moth, and even with the settings at the realistic end of the scale I seem to be getting on well with it (possibly because I've done some real-life flying in the T Moth). But I also want to fly the Piper Cub. Trouble is, no matter how carefully I open the throttle, and how hard I try to keep the rudder dead central, as soon as we begin to move, and well before we've had a chance to leave the ground, the 'Stall' warning flashes up, one or other wing (usually the port wing) digs in and hey presto, I've crashed. Again. If I do get into the air it's usually after a wild chase across the turf and a series of near-misses with trees, hangars, and what have you.

Is there some special technique for getting the Cub into the air safely, or am I just being ham-fisted? Any advice gratefully received!

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I'm not telling you to take lessons, I didn't.
Take the introductory flight where he "walks" you through flying using the default aircraft.

I fly GA also, love vintage and I think it'll help.

Let us know how you do.


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Thanks Radarman, I'll give that a try. I really MUST get the hang of the Cub - a lovely little old plane, and one I'd love to fly for real. I'll let you know how I do.

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if you ground looping before you getting airborne, try tapping the brake when you moving the rudder while the tail is on the ground, diffirentral breaks will help while the tail wheel is on the ground!

see if it helps!

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I love the Piper Cub and it is a challenge. It can be almost impossible at high elevation airports. Rudder pedals are almost a must have item for this aircraft. A twist function joy stick may work but the keyboard would be torture to use. Feed in the throttle slowly and tap on the rudders almost continuously, small jabs left and right. Anticipate the left turning tendencies. Avoid the brakes unless you lose control, it will lengthen your takeoff roll. Practice, practice, practice.

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ya breaks do crunch runway, keyboard is a NO! any good freeware super cubs? this thread has just made me go fly the plane on the sim, more fun than jets at time!

turn on the auto rudder function but then takes the fun, its a buggar to taxi in real life too, you need to use power to get the air flow over the rudder, keep the elevator up to keep the tail on the ground and use the brakes to get the tail wheel to swivil!

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