flight simulator x not playable without a joystick

ruleworld Guest

can anybody play it with keyboard? specially missions.

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Actually yeah I did. It's not too easy but I still managed to fly a few planes with the keyboard. As long as you do so delicatly, it's not big deal actually. I was able to invert the Goose and the B-17 and fly them inverted actually pretty darn low, then flip 'em back. It's like flying a plane with the trim settings instead of the actual control column and pedals.

X-15 Guest

i would never fly a flight simulation program without a joystick, even the cheapest controller is better than the keyboard.

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anonymouse91 First Officer

I would definately play with a Joystick (or other gamepad such as the Xbox 360 Controller). This topic reminds me of when I first got my joystick. I had FS 2002 then and I said to my dad, 'How am I going to play FS properly without a joystick' and he brought out a new joystick he had bought for my bday 😀

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I bought FSX when it first came out last winter. I flew on the keyboard up until last month when I finally caved in and bought a joystick. That made all the difference in the world.

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The true problem lies in the fact that you guys are trying to "play" FSX... it isnt a game, its a simulator... Very Happy

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Joysticks are not that expensive, around $19! If you could afford FSX you can surely buy a joystick. 😉

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Charlie10 First Officer

Why would anyone want FSX without decent controls? You can buy FS9 for less than $20, and I've seen earlier versions for under $10.

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