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After seeing all the compare rig threads, I thought we should make one where you post your FSX load time. To keep it simple, post the time it takes from you clicking on the icon to FSX being fully loaded (at main screen). You don't have to post the time from clicking 'Fly Now' as that really depends on your settings, flight...etc. Also if you can, post your specs (motherboard, HD, OS, CPU and RAM should do).

I'll start it off:

Load time: 1 minute 😞

Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz
Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3
500GB Seagate Barracuda SATA2
Windows Vista Ultimate x86

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Icon to Main screen - 5 seconds

E6300 1.86 running at 3.43ghz
2gig DDR2-800 @ 1000mhz
Gigabyte 965P-DS3 v3.3
160gb WD
160gb Baracuda
Nvidia 7600GTKO
Windows Vista Home Ultimate


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While I find this comparison interesting, I wonder how much credibility can be attached to it's results.
It seems to me that the intention here is to basically compare hardware performance; but surely where loading time of the sim is concerned we also have to consider the total size in GB of add-ons each individual has installed.

With the kind of rigs you guys run one gig more or less in add-ons probably won't even be noticable. But there seems to be a threshold which, once overstepped really loads the sim much slower than previously.

I'm using fs9 for most everything still, though I have fsx installed. My current fs9 installation is several months old (have managed to keep it fairly clean this umpteenth time) and have therefore kept on installing add-ons and still am almost every day. I can say with certainty that my sim now loads much slower than immediately after a fresh install. To compare: about 3 seconds without add-ons of any kind and between 20 and 30 seconds now.

I have to add that the programs running in the background are always the same.

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I would suggest that those comparing load times should also include what add-ons are included in load times...

Im running clean install with no add ons.

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