Slowly getting FSX Concorde running but guage issues still

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Have FSX Concorde loaded into FSX & all 8 paint schemes load ok with VC & popup panels.

Only problem I have now is when ever I load an aircraft ( all 8 of them) each time I get about 17 error messages informing me that this guage was created in win 98 or earlier & is no longer supported.
they are: extra-300.wiskey-compass
PJD concorde warning lights
FPDA_A320_callout.gau (3 times)
FDPA -fuel-switch (4 times)
PJD ins (2 times)

Can I stop these & do they effect the model ?

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I've seen that also on some models from time to time.
I just say OK and go on and fly.
It's just a small annoyance and not worth trying to correct, there is always the chance if you remove them that something won't work.


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