Persistent Right Pull in Certain FSX Aircraft - Joystick Calibration Issue?

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When I first got FSX, I started plowing through the missions from the start, as you do, and when I got to the first mission involving the floatplane I found that during flight it always wants to turn right, and as there's no autopilot in it, I couldn't get it to hold a heading. No other aircraft seem to have the same problem, although I haven't tried them all.

However, I downloaded the VLJ from Just Flight last night and get a similar, if not worse problem from that too; when taxiing it wants to turn right all the time and when taking off I'm fighting like mad to keep it on the runway! As soon I leave the runway, I have to pause the sim so that I can engage the AP to keep the plane under control! (By the way, this is an excellent little jet to fly!)

Is there a problem with my sim setup perhaps? I've tried re-calibrating my joystick many times, but that makes no difference (Saitek ST290 Pro).

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Thanks for that reply Capt, I'll give it a go when I get home tonight.

I'm kicking myself so hard at the moment that there are giant welts appearing on my shins - how could I not disconnect my joystick if I thought that might be the problem! It never occurred to me and I work in IT Support! 🙄

I'll report back if an of the KB suggestions help in case anyone else has similar problems.

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Look at the rudder. Mabey you have a knob slightly turned to one side.

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737, I'll check the rudder again to see if that may be the problem. Thanks for the suggestion.

I've ruled out the Joystick as the problem, as after disconnecting it and rebooting, the problem still existed. I found that the left fuel tank was nearly empty and when I had all tanks level, the problem has drastically improved, although there is now a slight pull to the LEFT on takeoff and when I get up to speed on the runway. That may indicate that the rudder needs 'tuning'.

Now, I just need to sort out the problem with my Wilco Citation X, which crashes every time I try to load the FS Flight Plan 😞

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On single prop planes you will get some turn in the direction that the prop is spinning, this is known as the torque effect. You have to counteract it with a little opposite rudder on takeoff. If you dont' like having to fdeal with torque just turn down the realism setting that effects it in FSX

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Make sure that the wind is zero, that can have an effect also. Ensure that you are not just noticing normal drift. Aircraft, like cars, won't travel straight without continuous small adjustments(flying). If you take your hand off the controls, it will drift slowly to one side, this is normal. Unless something is wrong with the flight model, there is no "tuning" of the Rudder. Making sure that the rudder trim is centered is all that's required. Rudder trim is normally only needed in jet aircraft for fuel imbalance and operating on one engine. On propeller aircraft, same situations and during prolonged high power climbs as required to keep inclinometer ball centered.

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Your experience with the floatplane and the VLJ from Just Flight is certainly intriguing. While not a universal issue in FSX, certain aircraft do behave differently, sometimes due to their configuration or specific design nuances. Let's delve into the possible reasons.

  • Hardware Issues: It sounds like you've already considered your Saitek ST290 Pro joystick. Although you've recalibrated it, I recommend testing it in another game or simulation. This will determine if the issue is restricted to FSX or if it's a broader hardware concern.
  • FSUIPC Calibration: If you have FSUIPC installed, this tool can sometimes override or conflict with the default FSX calibration. Ensure your settings in FSUIPC align with those in FSX.
  • Aircraft Configurations: Some aircraft, especially third-party ones like from Just Flight, might come with their own set of control nuances. Checking the aircraft's .cfg file can sometimes shed light on any anomalies.
  • Weather & Environmental Effects: Sometimes, crosswinds or environmental effects can make it seem like the aircraft is pulling in a particular direction. Ensure that these factors are neutralized while diagnosing.
  • Flight Model Realism: Remember, FSX has various realism settings. Check under Options -> Settings -> Realism to see if adjusting these helps.

From my knowledge, such issues can also crop up in the latest sims like Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 and X-Plane 12. The same diagnostics can often be applied, especially checking joystick calibration and software configurations.

Lastly, I must commend you on your taste - the VLJ from Just Flight is truly a gem in the FSX world! It's a pleasure to fly, despite the little quirks you've described.

Recommendation: Try flying with a different controller or even the keyboard to see if the issue persists. This will further isolate if it's a hardware-specific problem.

Hope this helps! Safe flying!

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