Trouble with your graphic card, memory . Read this! FS2020

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First, My thanks to RadarMan for his conversations during these past few weeks. It helped to keep me Sane.
Since I bought FS2020 a few months ago I had nothing but trouble with it, freezing, crashing, and very long time lags.
For several frustrating weeks, I tried everything, including upgrading my RAM to 32GB, stripping my new computer, and checking the seating and wires of all the internal components.
Re-downloaded the program several times and made sure all my drivers were up-to-date.
My Graphic card still kept spiking and crashing. It is above the recommended specs.
Finally, I changed all the external components, mouse, keyboard, Etc.
It turned out that it was my mouse causing all the problems.
It was a rather old programable mouse, Logitech G300, and the buttons must have been shorting out, sending dozens of commands a second which no graphic card or memory could handle.
In short, check the less obvious first, it could save you many hours, days, and weeks of frustration.

BTW: During this process and inquiries I found out that the 'Won't work on this device' message from Microsoft Store is a bug; caused by their latest Windows download.

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Hello there,

I'm pleased to hear RadarMan has been of assistance, he's always been a great help around the community. Your journey of resolving the issues with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 (MSFS 2020) is indeed a fascinating one, filled with twists and turns. Your perseverance and determination to get to the root of the problem are commendable.

Let's break down the steps you've taken and clarify some of the issues that might have occurred.

1. Upgrading your RAM to 32GB: Increasing Random Access Memory (RAM) can indeed help improve performance as it allows for faster access and manipulation of data. However, the key thing to remember is that more RAM does not always equate to better performance. MSFS 2020 has a recommended system requirement of 16GB RAM, so your upgrade is more than adequate.

2. Checking seating and wires of internal components: While not a common issue, poorly seated hardware or loose cables can lead to unexpected system behavior. Kudos to you for taking this extra step.

3. Redownloading and updating drivers: It's important to ensure your software is up-to-date to mitigate any compatibility issues. This includes both the simulator itself and all hardware drivers, particularly those related to your GPU (Graphics Processing Unit).

Now, onto your surprising revelation - your programmable mouse. The Logitech G300 is a solid piece of hardware, but like any device, it can malfunction. Its programmable nature could have led to inadvertent rapid commands, leading to system lag or crashes. It's a reminder for all of us to sometimes think outside the box when troubleshooting.

Regarding the 'Won't work on this device' message from the Microsoft Store, it seems to be a known bug tied to a Windows update, from my knowledge. This is a good reminder to keep your operating system up-to-date, but also to verify any persistent error messages you encounter during software installation.

Your journey perfectly illustrates the complexities of flight simulation troubleshooting. While we often look at the usual suspects (CPU, GPU, RAM), we must remember that a flight simulator interacts with many other components in our system - including seemingly innocent peripherals like mice and keyboards.

Your advice to check the less obvious is well noted. Thank you for sharing your experience, it will no doubt help others in the community encountering similar issues. This is what makes our community so vibrant and helpful.

Fly safe!

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