Is sp1 out yet

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Karlw Captain

If not where can I check on it?

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GoodisonBlue First Officer

I'd imagine there will be a flood of posts on here as soon as it is released

I'm guessing that it will appear here

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Jim (jellrod) First Officer

The first place I would look to see if it is out would be

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faust1200 First Officer

Based on Phil's blog it smells like it's a few weeks out still. 🙄


Karlw wrote:

If not where can I check on it?

No, not quite. for the latest.

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Steve (astrosteve) First Officer

Last I heard it was supposed to be in April, but got postponed. Crying or Very sad


chill out.

what is the hurry ?

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shirke01 Trainee

Actually I'm really looking forward to flight simulator XI.

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anonymouse91 First Officer

Just be patient, it'll be out soon... 😉

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Geoff (Geoffos) Trainee

Latest info from, is that it will be out next week as it went into final testing yesterday (10/05/07).

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