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Being on a rather limited budget I'm thinking of getting a computer with a AMD Sempron 3000+ CPU on an Nvidia NF6100 motherboard. Will I get good FSX performance from this CPU?

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Unfortunately not Mavix. It would be chugging along at 8fps probably. If you want FSX to run well, it takes a lot of money $4000 atleast. I've had two computers in the past 2 months, only because of ongoing technical faults, the first one got refunded. And now my Alienware has problems, which is also going to be refunded. This has not been my year for computers.

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Limited? 😕

A dual-core AMD processor(AMD Athlon 64 X2 3600+) and a supporting motherboard (ASUS M2V-MX AM2 ATX AMD Motherboard) can run you under 150.00 dollars ($129.90). This can run FSX from low to mid settings with Windows Vista.

Here is another:

A AMD Dual Core Processor(Athlon 64 X2 4200+ Toledo 2.2 GHz) with a Biostar GeForce Micro ATX Motherboard will cost you under 180.00 dollars ($167.49). This can run FSX from mid to high settings with Windows Vista.

Now, if you REALLY want to be cheap, you can get under 100.00 dollars, but you will sacrifice performance for price. 😉

Go to to find the right setup that can run FSX well for your budget. Remember, the cheaper you go, the less perfomance you will get from your computer when you run FSX.

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Should I spend an extra R700 (about $100) and get a Pentium D 3Ghz?

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