How can I line myself up to the runaway?

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I am a newbie in flight simulator and I would like to know how can I line myself up to the runaway when there is no vor station in the airport? That's my problem actually, I don't understand how can I do if I have to land on the runaway 19 to line myself up to it using a far vor station. I cannot use the radial 190° because it would be the radial from my plane to the station so i'm probably missing something,
If somebody could explain me please, I would really appreciate.

thank you very much.

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Use the GPS

Usually shift 3.

Use the World Map Alt W M if you want to find out the altitude of the airport (click on the airport to bring up the airport info) so you can calculate a reasonalbe glide slope.


go to the "Learning Center".

there is a video lesson on how to line up the runway.

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There are two basic ways of finding the runway:

1. Visually
The way pilots have done since the Wright Brothers and still done today. Requires weather conditions that allow you to see the airport(+5 miles).Runways are numbered based on their magnetic direction. Runway 12 would be approximately a 120 degrees heading on the compass. Runway 31 would be 310 degrees. Knowing the direction of the runway allows you to mentally project the extended centerline, helping you to judge runway alignment. Takes practice but that's how it's done in good weather.

2. Instruments
This uses ILS, VOR, GPS or NDB signals to align aircraft with the runway. Requires an instrument approach chart to complete properly but can be accomplished using on the information available in FS. Only available at certain runways. You can learn how in The Leaning Center within FS and also at ➡
Also checkout ➡

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I would like to thank you very much for your help =)
I will read the links that you sent me.

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Also, this is the best Youtube tutorial I've seen of a ILS landing..

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