Patch 9.1 fs2004

Dieter2007 Guest

hi everyone
i need the fs2004 patch 9.1 but i can't find'it... someone can tell me where to download the patch, i search in microsoft but is not there anymore

another question:

i have the aibus vol1 from wilco publishing and when i start the simulation the engines and systems work but the two mfd from the left are off i don't know how to turn in??? what i must do...

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bawls327 Captain

whoever is looking at this thread I like just got into fs2004 and I didnt even know they had a patch. If anyone can please help this guy and me and my question is if they can hook me up with all the patches or tell me where I can get them at.

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shirke01 Trainee

FS2004 with the update patch, here's the update if you need it.

Jamie4590 Guest

Back up your FS2004 folder before and after installing the patch. The patch enhances various bridges but I don't think it does much else performance or graphically wise.

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