SP1 - Why haven't they implemented the TAXI LIGHTS!!???


Im sure it states as real as it gets on the box. Am i being stupid or have microsoft completely forgot about this? Taxi lights are very important in aviation.

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it's there.
just go turn it on from settings.


Where? I do not mean blinding landing lights. Taxi lights.

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I fly the Carenado Cessna 182 RG II and it has taxi lights. There is no key command for it, however. You can turn them on from the control panel or by using the "All Lights" key command. There are a couple of commands that FSX has no way to give a key command for but can be used vis the cockpit control panel. I never really looked to see if any of the default craft have taxi lights as I only fly this Cessna right now.

I've had taxi lights pre SP1 with this cessna btw.

I don't think there is any setting for taxi lights. I'm going to hazard a guess that some aircraft in FSX have them and some don't. Just a matter of progreamming them into the aircraft, not the game.


Local42, when you use ALL Lights it'll be the normal landing lights. Boeing, Airbus Etc require taxi lights to get around the airport. Landing lights are only for take off and landing. You turn them off when you land and switch on taxi lights. Obviously im not a programmer, Microsoft are so they could of atleast added this is SP1. Aswell as fixing the altimeter bug. Not sure if it does it on all aircraft. But if your flying a boeing, and your increasing altitude to 26000 or whatever then before you level out ATC may ask you to goto 30000 etc, if you turn the dial to increase altitude whilst using autopilot, the a/p doesn't start increasing alititude at the usual rate 1800fpm, it'll be much much lower, it will still be an increasing altitude at a very slow rate, that ATC will contact you again.

To get around it, i just alter the rate of climb, by clicking it once, and returning it back to the original value.

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I feel your apin, I too, have those same problems/concerns. Taxi lights would be really nice to move around at night rather than the blinding Landing lights. ANd yes, I have to click the up/down to get te bug off the 500 while climbing. You would have thought those would have been the easy fixes in the SP1 release, but I guess M$ was more worried about dual core geek stuff rather than what makes the sim more real.


Roll on SP2! 🙂

Such a shame Microsoft left out the Taxi Lights.

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