hardest airport to fly into

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I believe the hardest airort to fly into is Paro airport in Bhutan. I flew a Learjet from Kathmandu in Nepal To Paro in Bhutan. It is an extremely fast descent into the airport and almost didn't make it. It is in the bottom of a valley. Check it out and see what you think. Happy flying. Donnie

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How To Fly Dangerous Approaches:Innsbruck, Austria

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lionlicker First Officer

Hi 😂

Try PAJN runway 26 ---- AT NIGHT!! It's a beauty. You HAVE to approach on a different angle (due to the terrain) and turn onto the runway at the last minute.

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bawls327 Captain

I can see this is fs2004 but in real life some hard airports to fly into are San Diego. Not that hardest but it is up there. There are also alot of airports I was told that were also hard but I forgot them.

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David Mathew Covarrubias (David_MC) Trainee

This one is actully a glitch but here it is. Girdwood airport (AQY)!

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Hi David.
I tried landing at AQY as you suggested .... and phew!! ... I got my money's worth so to speak!
I don't beleive it is a glitch because I successfully landed there -- although it was a terribly messy landing -- I touched down in the field next to the gravel runway, at about 3:30 AM (sim time)
What a dark and mysterious valley that is! As you descend through the clouds, it appears as though you are about to plunge into a fjord at about 800 ft --- but it is just a very thick fog --- so you continue down into it, and a dark mysterious valley presents itself below. The terrain is awesome!

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falconxxx Trainee

Anyone try the Laguardia Express Visual RWY 31?......Not so easy.

bushhawg Guest

You should do some real flyin in the bush, like some of them bush pilot adventures from abucus. flying in ravines with mountains hovering above you, and both sides in rain snow sleet n fog, and you hafta cross control and slip the craft in for some real harrowing landings. it seperates the real pilots from the novice 😉

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lionlicker First Officer

A thousand apologies guys (and to David)

Regarding AQY , yes in FS9 it is impossible. Sorry my last post described my experience using FSX to land at AQY. Realised today and retried the landing in FS9 -- and "What the???"

pigfarmer Guest

Umm... Since when is landing in the field next to the runway considered a succesful landing???????? 😕

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chlorinekid Trainee

any landing is a good landing providing you walk away from it 🙂

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