is anyone else having this issue

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okay - so I've uninstalled FSX and SP1. Made copies of everything important first. Then did a reinstall. I first did FXS, then SP1, then all my add-ons. While I can for once see the names of the taxi-ways and runways now in the day time, there are a number of other issues present that weren't there before...

- after saving, when I come back to the cockpit, the windows are black
- after saving in the outside views there are areas where the entire screen is black
- sometime the game times out and the screen goes white before returning to the flight
- barely getting above 5 fps

The one thing I didn't do is delete the registry. Is this important. If so, how do you do that?

Thanks again. Worst comes to worst, I just uninstall SP1 and do a repiar.

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Try changing drivers to see if that'll help clear the black spots.
It can be your card or system since we don't know what you have.

Yes the registry cleaning id important but risky, always risky.

Here are some registry cleaners, remember it's not for beginners. <---Easy Cleaner,Free

RegSeeker <--free

TweakNow RegCleaner <--free for basic version

RegVac <--payware, may have a trial?


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thanks for the help RadarMan. I already know my card is suspect, just one more reason to update I guess. 🙄

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Working on the registry is not too terribly dangerous, if you back it up first (Windows itself keeps multiple backups).

Do: Run > regedit > file > export and save a copy with the days date or such in the filename. Then exit the registry editor.

As a PC consultant, i've recommended PC Tools "Registry Mechanic" for years. All my clients have it and run it once per month, or whenever Windows misbehaves.

Don't forget that Windows XP has the system restore points (Control Panel or All programs > Accessories > System tools) that can take your PC back to before a problem started, with no affect on your data (Word docs, etc.) and the ability to come back again.

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