What do you do in FSX, after all the missions?

Civili Guest

How much fun is fsx after all the missions are completed? I know this game has a huge amount of fans, but how entertaining is it after a while?

Im not sure how much cash i want to spend on this game..The joystick i want is rather expencive, so i want to make sure its worth it.

...so, is it? 🙂

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Steve (astrosteve) First Officer

Well I have almost 80 percent of the missions complete and I sometime's put myself as a virtual pilot. What I mean by this is using flight planner and fly from one airport to the next. It will log you hour's and landings and you get badge's for this. So remember these and go have some fun!

PS: Microsoft is going to be adding more mission's later on, so get them done so you won't be behind.

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Steve (astrosteve) First Officer

If your bored of the mission's check this out. Shoot for some of the Free Flight Reward's and Badge's.



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Jim (jellrod) First Officer

There are literally hundreds of Virtual Airlines you can find on the web. Maybe you want to go fly for one like an airline pilot. There are also some military squadrons as well, but you would need to find and download the applicable airplanes.

civili Guest

Sweet. Thanks for the tips, ill think ill invest some cash into a joystick then 😀 Seems like thers alot of stuff worth of downloading too. 😎


there are hundred of additional missions you can add to your FSX.

advanced simmers from all over the world are creating adventurous missions from their experiences.

Check out the web for them.


bored ? NEVER !!!

you can hook up your FSX to the internet and find flying buddies.

You can co-pilot a plane, or simply just ride along as a "student".


you can down load new airplanes.

e.g. the A380 -- the largest passenger airliner in the World.

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Or try doing the same as I am...revamping all AI traffic (commercial, military, general) and adding lots of your own custom flightplans and exotic aircraft. Certainly not an afternoon project. Am planning to do a world flight eventually, and looking forward to seeing the appropriate traffic everywhere I go!


drive a jeep on the runway


drive a boat at a sea plane port


install a catcher and go landing planes on the aircraft carrier

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anonymouse91 First Officer

I haven't finished all the missions yet (nearly finished beginners ones 😂 ) but I do these things:

1. Missions
2. Fly Online (sometimes with friends in Shared Cockpit)
3. Make up situations in free flight (e.g - Engine loss and try to land safely)
4. Virtual Airline flights


after you finished a mission, go back a do it and see if you can complete it in better times.

e.g. helicopter missions can be done in shorter time if you are a competent pilot.

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