Autorudder: who uses it?

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Just wondering, are you using auto rudder or not? What are the benefits you get from not using it? Are there any?

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I don't use it because I have rudder pedals. The benefit of not using auto rudder is that it makes controlling the rudder more realistic and challenging. It's best with rudder pedals but can be controlled with a joy stick that has twist function.

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🙄 In real life, maybe unknown in playland or wonderama, some aircraft didn't even have rudder peddles!
For instance the "AIRICOUPE" think it was "ALON" one of the aircoupes manufacturer.
Some of The beechcraft V-tail bonanza's didnot have them either.
Some of the model builder greats such as chuck dome made there models with rudders but advised you to turn on autorudder in options to be more historic or ethentic. While others didnot even give you that option and had autorudder no matter how you cfg. options just to be more traditional. J-3 cubs didn't have andy kind of trim tabs either, aironcas flaparons were the norm no radios, lights and all the extra garbage as found in the later cessna 172 an 182's.

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