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Having a problem when I engage AP in my 737-800. I'll take off and will be flying and climing runway heading,While climbing AP is off, I do have my desired altitude plugged in and the ALT Hold switch engaged. Say I have it set for 14000 feet, I'll climb up to 7000 manually and then hit the AP Master Switch. The plane will now start going down in Alt for a few seconds before AP kicks in...I never crash when this happened but I'm really freaking out my passengers.... 😂 What am I doing wrong??

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😳 you should see how bad combat flight simulator 3 is before auto pilot kicks in rite and gets its bearings straight 😳

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This is the sequence I use and it works fine everytime.

Before Take Off I set the figures only - don't engage any buttons - so I set IAS/Speed - Altitude - Vert Speed(fpm) - and Bearing figures. After setting trim I accelerate down the runway with my finger ready on the [G] key. Then immediately after rotation the following sequence occurs:-
[G] - gear up
[F5] Flaps up
[Z] engage auto-pilot
engage the Alt button (AP)
hit the Auto throttle engage
engage the IAS button (AP)
then lastly when it is safe I engage the BRG button (AP) to start a turn

I realise you like to manually fly your plane up to 7000ft, but if you have the figures set right (not any buttons engaged), you should be able to transition into Auto Pilot smoothly - [Z] first - then the other engagements.

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Perhaps your manual vert speed is higher than the vert speed set in your autopilot? Idea

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i agree

buttin Guest

Idea After all figures are entered, alt.,ias(speed),ect. I think climb and decent rates are calculated in aircraft cfg. under
you can manually raise or lower it with your mouse pointer after you engage altitude hold.(in the lil window)
Some people like to, while taking off on the runway, (When you reach rotate speed) engage AP (Z-keyboard) and then engage altitude hold. the aircraft will automatically take off and begin its climb to desired altitude. Retract gear fast, and about 1,000 ta 2,000 feet retract flaps.
then you can engage aotothrottle ect.
To each is own i suppose 😕

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How do you create a autopilot flight for FSX?

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jamesharibo wrote:

How do you create a autopilot flight for FSX?

Off Topic!

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