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Okay, I am not good at understanding these intructions...

"Copy and paste the "texture.learltblue" into youre Learjet 45 texture file.
Add the below cfg to youre default Learjet 45 aircraft cfg file and replace the xx's below to youre next # in youre Learjet 45 aircraft cfg file.
I realy hope you enjoy it, and thanks for downloading my texture.... please let me know how you like it...."

Can someone give this to me baby steps, I don't understand it. Is it not as simple as just draging the unziped folder and dropping it in the Lear45 folder? Some help would be awesome. Thanks!

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FSX and 2004 load the same way.


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Well maybe I am stupid, I read the link and it make sense. I am trying to add the texture to the Lear 45. I rename the new texture file to "texture.3" then I change the texture=3 Do I not copy and paste the below text into the aircraft.cfg file? When I did it that way. The new texture was there, but no panel, windows, wheels, flaps.. etc.. it was just the new paint. What am i doing wrong? The following inructions from the readme doc make no sense. Because there is no "xx" in his or her document. and is the next # in my cfg file the.. [fltsim.5] or the # in the texture file?

"(1) Copy and paste the texture "back n black into youre lear 45 texture folder.

(1) Edit the aircraaft cfg and replace the xx on mine with the next # in youre cfg file.....

texture=tennessee <----I change this, correct? to the # of my next text file?? which woule be 3. so "texture=3?
ui_type="Learjet 45"

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❓ If your texture folder is named "texture.3" then yes would be how you put it.
If its named "texture.lrergreen" then texture=lrergreen
what ever is after the period.
if you want a call sign from atc for tennesee or airlines
put in after atc_id=PR-ota
atc_airline=(airline name here)
atc_flight_number=(give any number, won't say the name unless a # is entered here).
make sure sim= , is exactly like your .air file but with out .air on the end. it probably will be the same as the entries before that [fltsim.x] ❗

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Is it just a texture with no model folder and panel folder?
Or is there two model folders.
if you have two model folders one is "model.wnglet"
and the other is "model.old"
then under
what ever the texture calls for.
if its the default model you have to alias it to that.
for the panel there should be a folder named "panel"
inside that should be a panel .bmp's and a panel.cfg, or aliased to a panel ❗

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If its for the default lear45? and i am thinking you have four textures for it?
the first fltsim entry would be [fltsim.0] next [fltsim.1] and[fltsim.2]
and [fltsim.3]
three texture folders "texture" and "texture.1" and "texture.2"




Doble check your spelling or what you pasted for miss spells, puntuation, (capitals ect.)

title= Guest

is title=
the same as the default enty????
mine says
title=Learjet 45

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Okay, I think I pretty much get it. Now I was trying to put the Fedex texture for the 747-400, But when I edit the aircraft.cfg file I get error

"cannot save file flight/sim/microsfot games blah blah...."

Then it says make sure the pathing and file name is correct... any idea on what this is?


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Okay its all working now.... And its so simlpe... I have a habit of making things harder than they really are... Thanks for your help.

Hell I can fly IRL, but cant add texture files lol....

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KEWL, at least ya can see yer planes! but i forgot ta tell ya if ya study the default planes aircraft txt.! you'll notice that at title= , the next planes will say like fer example title=b737-600 Paint1 or paint 2 or maybe even
title=b737-600 Speed Bird! that is for the traffic file, each paint is givin a AC#xx aircraft number that is written on the aircraft text in traffic .bgl.
if ya use traffic tools and decompile them you would see the alloted numbers. AC#xx is what flight that craft uses and how many for the AC#xx flight for that craft.
If you aren't using traffic tools or ahave added any more AI flights and you would like to see your new reoaints?
a quick trade off is to switch title= , with one of the default ones
like default example title=b737-600 Paint 1
put that for your new texture one and put the add on texture number for the default one.
you won't see the default one nomore untill you rename em back, kinda a down side to it.
I don't know if the flight sim. would take both or what if you named em identical! cheers 🙂

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