FS 2002 Wont load

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Hey guys,

I have installed FS2002 and when I click on the desktop shortcut all that happens is a command window pops up very briefly then closes, the game doesnt go to the splash screen or anything. Ive tried with anti virus off and firewall ive tried running fro, the directory to no avail. Ive tried reinstalling on another drive also. Any ideas?

One thing i have noticed is that their is no shortcut icon for fs2002 just the defult windows one.

System specs are:

Windows XP Pro, SP2
CPU: AMD 64 3500+
Motherboard: ASROCK 939 Dual-Sata2
Ram: 1.2GB DDR2
HDD: 2 X 40GB IDE seagate, 1 X 320GB SATA Western Digital
Video Card: NIVIDIA Geforce 6200

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piper_wichmon Trainee

maybe your vid card

flipthaminnow Guest

😕 maybe ya hafta run it in compatability mode? ❓ xp that is.


Hey guys,

Thanks for the responce. I sorted the issue. I needed to uninstall the program and perform a clean restart, then reinstall the game. Unfortunatley now I have a new problem 🙄

The game loads to the splashscreen however freezes at 25% while loading the scenery. Any Ideas on this one?

Thanks in advance

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vlad (tiger7881) First Officer

Guest, you got pretty good PC. Why dont you try FS2004?

axe Guest

Idea hmmm, I remember this! maybe this is your problem?
1.)go to microsoft site
2.) then go to the main download page or site
3.) klick the thingy for "GAMES"
4.) LOOK for this file "SafeDisc Windows XP fix for microsoft games"
think file download name was um "safedisc.exe"
try that dude sound familer ta me<<AXE>> Idea

directx9c Guest

is direct-X up ta date?

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