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In the FS9 book, it says "X=Land Me". What is this? Does it automatically land you? Also, when I taxi up to the gas station, and I press SHIFT+TAB, I still can't add fuel to the plane. Any help?

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X=land me I'll leave for someone else.

Pull up to the fuel pump, nose in as close as possible and wait few seconds it'll jump to 100%, if not get closer, it always works for me.
No keys to press.


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Use the drive up to pump when you can, but if you're at a very small airfield that does not have fuel facilities in FS, use the key commands.

I remember the Land Me function from FS98 - a pilot would take over and it used to land the aircraft at the closest airfield. If I remember rightly, this only worked for small aircraft. I didn't even know FS2004 had this feature, where did you find this command? Have you tried it?

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I think it is only in FS98. I haven't tried it in FS9.

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I checked my keyboard Control Assignment for "X" and mine is set to "Standby Frequency Swap". I have never changed this particular assignment so I assume it is default in FS9.

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Using a program you can get on AvSim.com, called "AirEd", you can turn on the land me feature.

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