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Are there any airports near each other that are directly centered and no turning is required to land at airport b?

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Take off from KSEA go straight heading 034 and you will get to a number of airports about 25 miles away, use your GPS and you'll see them.
A few have nice long runways.


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At a guess you could also try the New York area flying out of JFK on a Northerly r/w up to La Guardia or out of JFK on a Westerly over to Newark. Like I say "at a guess" as I have not flown them.

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Yeah, if you do an Immelman "turn" on every runway, you can use it to land on. But then again, turning is all a part of being a pilot... Get used to it 😂

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Oh yeah Rambunctious?!?! Sometimes I have to do a split s in order to make it into some airports!!!!

Easy airport? Edwards AFB. Huge runway and no obstacles and you can see it for a long ways off. Also Mcdill in Fl.

I used Edwards to practice landing the heavies.

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