Alias a Virtual Cockpit?

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I downloaded an Opensky 738, updated from a FS2004 to work in FSX. My problem is there is no Virtual Cockpit. How can I alias one from the FSX 738? Or what files do I need from the FSX 738 folder to place a VC in the OS 738? Thanks in advance.

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Hi, I asked this exact same question a year ago. And the response was:
The virtual cabin is a part of the aircraft model which means you sadly can't alias it to another plane 😞 Bummer isn't it?

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OK - but if I have an Opensky model with a VC, can I then use another Opensky paint job? And if so, how do I move the Textures in the file? I know how to do the textures that came with FSX, but Opensky seems to be a bit odd.

Thanks for the reply BTW!

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