Nvidia slashes 8800 Ultra price



Nvidia slashes 8800 Ultra price

Computex 007 Partners get updated pricing

By Theo Valich in Old Taipei: Wednesday 06 June 2007, 23:49
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GRAPHZILLA was recently criticised by its own vendors for selling a card with just a little higher performance for the price of two 8800GTS 640MB cards.

The price has now been slashed by around 80-90 US dollars wholesale, so the 8800 Ultra is now going to slowly squeeze the 8800GTX out from the 549-599 dollar range and effectively start to push the 8800GTX downwards.

This is putting additional pressure on AMD as well, with the hyper-clocked GDDR-4 version of R600. Even though we heard on several occasions from DAAMIT that the product has been cancelled, partners are preparing the card for the market. From our talks with partners and game developers, we learned that 512MB is abysmal amount of memory for today's world of FullHD and XHD resolutions.

So it seems the 1GB version is required for the ATI R600, but it remains to be seen whether anyone will bring out 1GB GDDR-3 boards. Quite frankly, this move would not raise price by much, and it would require that 512MB of Hynix memory known from 8800GTS320MB to be replaced with the one from 8800GTS640MB. We see massive issues here. µ

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