Blurry textures of my repaint

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I repainted a helicopter and the textures are very blurry: D-HACC

So my question is: What can I do against this problem? I use DXTbmp and safe the files as DXT3.

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When you saved in DXTBMP did you make sure the include mips was unchecked

Saving with mips on will make it blurry on most types of card...nvidia for sure.

So just resave making sure it is without mips

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Thanks man!

Look at this:


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Wow Great repaint! What sfotware are you using. I've got PSP7 but I havent quite mastered it. 😂

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Sharp and shiny, the way I like it. Cool... 😀

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Great repaint D-HJPH -

As Tailhook mentioned - very sharp, crisp and clean and your color scheme is excellent. I have never tried painting a chopper but from what I have seen of the textures, it would not be that easy a thing to do.

Great Job ! 😀

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1: Thanks at all
2: I'm using MS paint and Adobe After Effects.
3: I'm going to make a repaint of the D-HSDM. It will be hard work but it's pure fun to fly it....

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Nice chopper D... ! 😉

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