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😀 Ok in my search for better downloads for you(and me) Blush ,how about a little Italian vacation with real ATC Drool

The one I have tried is called "Neos 831" and comes with an installer so no set up worries ➡

On my pc,when I opened the flight(find it in My flights)and the panel was oversized,so a quick pause and resize soon got me going
You start off at fl 27000 decending fl 25000 Call sign Moonflower

If you have a traffic add on,turn it down as this flight does not use fs9 atc and you may find yourself cleared for landing with a 747 200 ft in front of you Fear

There are other adventures here➡

give them a try,I think you might like them 👍

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Gonna check it out! Thanks bud!!

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