ATC Menu disapears

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Hi all,

Some times I receive a instruction from ATC but I can not answer because no options apears in the menu. It occurs usually in IFR flight.

Any one ?

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Are you positive that YOU are being contacted and not AI aircraft?

Thats the first time I have heard of this problem.

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Yes I´m sure. Then the tower start asking me to aknowlage, and I can Not answer because there is no options available in "Choose an option for ... " in ATC window.

See the screen printed:

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Very weird, sorry, cant help.

sameprob! Guest

😕 YA know, sometimes that had happened to me. heres my sob story, it maynot be the problem that you are experiencing!
I would land, atc "says turn next taxiway", i do, then atc "says contact ground", i do, I ask for "taxi to gates or parking".
after i park, the only thing that will come up on the screen is two options "contact ground" or "contact tower"!
if i choice either one, there is no other order like, "request taxi to runway" or anything, so i can't do that. few times i took off with no options no "warning of taking off with out prmission or anything. just kinda stuck like that, and if land at another airport it just changes the airport name like instead of "contact midway tower or ground" it just says "contact ohare tower or ground"?(with no other options)
Well, after i booted my computer in "SAFE" mode and ran "scandisk" for errors (mostly lost file fragments were there), and ran "defrag my hard drive)!!!!!!!!
That problem went away? strange huh!? 😕

sameprob Guest

oh ya, and i also ran my regy fixer cleaner thing!
someone else told me edit voice pack may mess some kinda .dll up if you keep moving the edit voice pack folder, and creats a false path or somethin. how true that is i dont know, because the last time that happened it did come up with a error report about a .dll. but after i did what i said earlier always fixed it.

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I think my problem has nothing to do with register, dll (I´ve got no dll erros) or frangmented files because the same problem occurred when I used 2004 version in my old PC. I bought a new one with other hd, new fresh windows, etc. It may be an old bug in FS.

sameprob Guest

🙄 well!! thats kinda what i was tryin ta say.
same happened in 2002pro and standard too!
microsoft never adressed the issue correctly with atc. probably used the same wimpy module too! 😛
when that happen's, thats usually the .dll that is supposed to be in charge of atc 🙄

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