What is the best Joystick for FS2004?


Hi I'm new to this genre/game.I think the game is great but its hard to appreciate it while struggling with the controls on keyboard.
So can anyone recommend any joysticks that can be found(new or used) for $100 or under Canadian?One that also works with Battlefield 2 would be appreciated(even though most USB joysticks work anyways).

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Well, I was given a Saitek X52 as a gift, and I have no complaints. It's extensively programmable, but even the defaults work just fine. It must be close to your budget.

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Just to add that, on the second link RM posted above, best price is US$89. That's just less than $100 Canadian.

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antone wrote:

Just to add that, on the second link RM posted above, best price is US$89. That's just less than $100 Canadian.

Actually $102.00 you have to pay shipping.
Amazon is always the best first bet to look at, they don't charge me shipping or tax for California.


Paulll Guest

Hey Everyone. Im getting the x52 flight control for my FSX. Cant wait 😀 Just was wondering is it hard to install? Do you have to set the controls etc?

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No, it's not difficult to install. Just plug it in and put the install disk in your drive.

You can, basically, make things as easy or as complex as you want. By default, there will be a set of assignments, and for the easiest way you could just accept them. Or, you can go into FS and change the assignments there.

The other thing you can do is follow jarjarbinks' suggestion and download the latest programming software. It's graphical interface allows for quite easy programming of the buttons, switches etc. That's the hardest way, but allows the most flexibility.

paulll Guest

Thank you for your help 😀

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Just received mine the other day. Still learning how to fly with it. No to hard with the default settings. I have yet to try to changes the settings.

So far, i am very happy with it.


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yes the SST Software allows you to double your experience with flight simulation d/loading it you can have up to 6 modes, and almost unlimited profiles. just play around with it and find what suites you best.

i use the 3 switches on the stick to function gear, flaps, and autobrakes

then you dont have to find the keys and keep moving during the cruicial part of flight its all right there at your finger tips

(thinking aloud now Umm... )

maybe i could be a spokesman for saitek❓ Idea

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Ian Stephens is an expert on this topic. Read his bio here.

I posted an article here reviewing some great joysticks:

Feel free to comment on the article over there.

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